This is 9mm NATO ammo by ZQI. You don’t typically see the acronym for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization mentioned after “9mm,” and indeed this ammo is a little different from the range loads you’ll typically find in stores. NATO specs call for a slightly “hotter” cartridge, loaded to create a higher chamber pressure and accordingly higher muzzle velocity.

The velocity at 17.5 yards is 1,214 fps – faster than average. Since this ammo is a bit on the peppery side, you may want to compare its performance to a 9mm +P. That would make it suitable for training if you use overpressure ammo for self-defense and want something analogous to practice with, or just want to enjoy a flatter trajectory for target shooting.

This round’s bullet is a stock 124 grain FMJ with a lead core and copper alloy jacket that prevents deformation and reduces barrel leading. You’ll get a proper good brass case after firing each of these rounds to save for future fun at the reloading bench. This ammo is also non-corrosive, so you can clean your weapon as you normally would.

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Additional information

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