Modern Outfitters located in Meridian, MS, is a state of the art indoor training facility and firearms retailer. All modern weapon enthusiasts can appreciate our services and experienced staff. Catering to clients interested in only premium gear from reputable companies; we tailor fit custom weapon systems, optics and accessories to each individual's specific needs. We accommodate all requirements for specialized military units, government agencies and private over the counter purchases. Our expertise covers gear and accessories for all objectives from night-vision, thermal imaging, IR spectrum targeting lasers, lights, optics, body armor, hard armor, sound suppression, class 3 weapons, select-fire, hydro-film, Cerakoting and much more....................


MON-FRI 10a-6p

Saturday 10a-5p

call us 601-482-3610

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3700 Hwy 39 N, Ste. B

Meridian, MS 39301


We're introducing a soft introduction for the new online store of our site, SHOP MODERN OUTFITTERS. Currently, the alpha stage of the roll out will involve:

  • changes in site-wide product purchasing parameters (which may yield the inability to make purchases on some products)
  • Constant new additions in our online product catalog
  • Trouble-shooting and error testing of client-side browsing experience

We appreciate your patience, and will make a public announcement after the online store has been sufficiently populated. At this moment, we do have an assortment of shirts now available for purchase.

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We offer EForms for NFA Purchases and Transfers