This TYPE-A 13.7 CONTRACTOR is built on either a traditional direct impingement system or rigid piston system. Improved lower controls are thanks to our fully Ambidextrous Billet Receiver to make it an incredibly versatile rifle. The 13.7 CONTRACTOR is equipped with a 13.7″ 416R Match Grade lightweight contour stainless steel barrel. There are a number of rail options available including the 13.5  MLOK Handguard, 13.5 MK2 Slim MLOK Handguard, or 11.875 MK Quad Rail Handguard. Our Contractor rifles are equipped with an ASR Ready muzzle brake that is permanently pinned & welded to give you a full 16″ platform.  Fully furnished with B5 furniture, and 30 round capacity magazines. The TYPE-A 13.7 CONTRACTOR is driven by our TYPE-A Titanium Nitride carrier and a fully adjustable short stroke piston system.   It’s also equipped with our TYPE-A PMC Straight 2-stage trigger to give it consistent reliability time after time.

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