MR1 Bolt Action

The Modern Weapons MR1 weapon system is designed around lightweight accuracy.  Constructed from titanium, the action-body weighs only 8 ounces.  The MR1 action was designed and created by Modern Outfitters.  Featuring a 3-lug design, the steel bolt has a 60-degree lift as opposed to the 90-degree of a standard 2-lug action. Bayonet-style fire controls make for easy maintenance and the mini-M16 style extractor is easily serviced in the field.

Each MR1 is hand built by a single gunsmith and Cerakoted to the design or pattern of choice.  Jewel triggers come standard in the MR1 and can be adjusted from 2-4 pounds.  We use only the finest barrels from Bartlein and Proof Research.  We “HEX-Flute” barrels to match the action only on the M24 and Suppressed Hunter profile barrels.  Most barrels come threaded 5/8x24 with matching thread protector.  Several stock/chassis options are available including our most popular ones being the Magpul Hunter, MPA competition and MPA Lightweight.  These rifles are completely custom and in limited production. Please contact Modern Outfitter's Custom Shop for availability and lead times.


Technical Specifications

6AL-4V Grade-5 Titanium construction with “Certification of Alloy” (medical and aerospace grade). CNC machined for enhanced accuracy and the tightest tolerances. Our action is 47% lighter than other steel actions.

Bolts and handles made of 4140 Chrome-moly, with the same steel in crank and cam shafts. These are fully welded and not tacked or braised.

Recoil lugs made from O-1 Tool steel, surface ground to be flat within .0002”, double pinned for absolute alignment even after a barrel change. This also allows for multi-caliber options and interchangeable barrels.

3-Lug design provides a short 60-degree bolt throw. This allows for faster follow up shots, faster bolt cycle and less shooter position disruption.

Cone-shaped bolt nose meets cone-shaped breach for faster and more reliable feeding and extraction. Cone shape also increases surface area contact with chamber body.

6 anchor points for scope base over 4 like on Remington and other common actions

Enlarged ejection port accommodates longer seated projectiles and custom hand loads

The MR1 action and parts are coated in 3 proprietary finishes only found in high-grade military weapons and aerospace components. PVD (physical vapor deposition) gives the action a high micro-hardness, increasing the overall strength of the action at a molecular level. PVD also provides a high lubricity factor which protects against abrasive wear while also providing for quick and easy cleaning. The slick finish prevents carbon buildup especially while shooting suppressed. TiN (titanium nitride) as well as DCD (dynamic compound deposition) coatings are also used to further aid in making the MR1 stronger, smoother and easier to maintain.

Complete action weighing in at 1lb 3oz (less pic rail and trigger)

20 Degree extraction/ejection angle provides ejection low and away from expensive scope windage knobs. This prevents brass from hitting parts of the scope and being pushed back into the ejection port.

Mini M-16 style extractor for the most positive grip you can get on the rim of a case. Bolt design along with mini M-16 extractor also makes replacing an extractor in the field easier and faster.

Fits Remington 700 footprint stocks and chassis.

Compatible with aftermarket Remington 700 style triggers. MR1 comes with 1.5-2.5# Jewel Trigger

Side bolt release.

Aesthetically pleasing bolt knob and cocking piece shroud made from aluminum on our precision CNC machines.

0 and 20 MOA picatinny bases available.

Bayonet style fire control system. Quickly and easily remove fire controls to clean the bolt of debris or foreign objects without the use of a tool. The dual lobe allows for equal even pressure on the cocking piece shroud to allow for a more concentric mating of the parts. This, accompanied by the precision machined 3-lug design will allow for an inherently more accurate firearm out of the box. “Dual-Alignment Technology”

Barrels are threaded and chambered by hand to ensuring the highest quality chambers money can buy.

Barrels that have been threaded for muzzle devices are also done by hand and cut to a tight 2A thread fit to ensure your suppressor will fit properly

Each barrel threaded for a muzzle device also receives a thread protector that is flush to the barrel to give that seamless look when not in use, “phantom-threaded.”

Hex-style fluting is unique for a few different reasons; It lightens a heavy barrel up to 1.3lbs, changes the cross-sectional density resulting in less “whip” (directly related to vertical stringing seen on targets at longer ranges), and allows for more surface area than conventional fluting. in turn, resulting in more rapid cooling.

Barrels are available in three different contours (Heavy M24, 3B Medium Sporter and 2B Lightweight Slim.) twist rate on .308 Winchester are 1/10” and 6.5 Creedmoor are 1/8.5”

Available in .308 win and 6.5 Creedmoor

Our chassis system features aluminum construction, adjustable comb and adjustable length of pull. This makes it possible to tailor fit each rifle to the shooter regardless of size or age. Our competition chassis features an integrated mono pod. All chassis and stock options are magazine fed. The competition style action features a forward optic mount for NVG, thermal clip-on or laser designator. Other chassis will be available upon request.

The MR1uses metal magazines. We recommend using Accurate-Mag magazines. Accuracy International “AI” mags should also work great. Magazines, especially metal box-mags, are easily deformed. It is very common for metal mags to bend if dropped. If the feed lips on the magazine get bent, the rifle will become harder to chamber a round as the bolt cannot easily strip a cartridge from the mag. This can be easily resolved by bending the feed lips back to the original configuration. What are the proper measurements? Grab a caliper and a feed lip adjustment tool. The front of the lips where the bullet is should have a spread (inside to inside) of .40”. The back of the feed lips (back of the casing) should have a spread of .38”. Check the center of the lips to be .39”. So mags and rifles may vary slightly depending on certain loads. Please contact us if you have any issues.

MR1 Rifle comes complete with MO drag bag and 1 metal magazine.

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