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Glock Ges.m.b.H., or mores widely known simply as Glock, has made enormous strides since initially introducing their polymer-based handgun in 1982. It quickly laid to rest any concerns regarding durability and stopping power, proving to be far more efficient for the majority of law enforcement and military personnel, especially regarding accuracy following the first shot, but this is an intrinsic quality of 9mm caliber weapons. The Glock 9mm is considered a staple in modern guns and weaponry, and despite years of government-funded testing, this is still the U.S. Government’s (and many others’) favorite and most dependable service sidearm.

Headquartered in Austria, Glock has quickly expanded over the following decades based on near-unanimous praise from the military and security communities. The Glock 9mm standard issue now has 65% market share for service handguns registered in the United States. They’ve grown from their humble roots as a supplier for Austrian military and law enforcement agencies, to now supply over 48 countries with service weapons for law enforcement, military, or government-sanctioned security teams.

Modern Outfitters is happy to sell, service, and customize your very own Glock handgun, affixing it with the perfect accessories, right from the get-go. We know you’ll be happy with your custom Glock, as this widely-trusted modern weapon has stood the test of time and only improved over the years. That’s just the weapon, and when paired with our impeccable attention-to-detail and craftsmanship, we know that you’ll have a sidearm that you can count on - whether it’s for range practice, hunting, or self-defense. We offer services to complete install of parts outside of the interior slides and firing mechanism, including sights, grips, triggers, and barrels to make your Glock one-of-a-kind. All modifications, again only on the exterior of the slide and frame, are finished in high-quality Cerakote to give a textured finish and grip.

The following models are currently available for customization at Modern Outfitters: G19, G23, G43, G42, G17, G22, and a few G20 models. Feel free to call or chat with one of our specialists next time you’re at the range if you have any questions about which Glock is best for you, to discuss available accessories, or even if you’re just not sure what kind of modifications we do and do not make. Please note that we do not accept outside work on the Glocks we service and customize, and will traditionally recommend a new handgun from our shop to ensure no additional, unauthorized modifications have been made to the weapon. We also do not take in Glocks to personalize or Cerakote.


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