Modern Outfitter's Weaponry

From top-of-the-line AR-15 style rifles to made-to-order Glocks, construct a quality outfitting to suit your style. Modern Carbine is dedicated to putting together the best components in modern weaponry, setting our highly customizable weapons leaps and bounds ahead of factory-made rifles and handguns.

In the competitive market for new modern guns, Modern Carbine will help you stay ahead of the pack with the most versatile package. Get a competitive edge to your shooting while sporting elaborately styled skins that will impress under the closest scrutiny. When remarkable performance meets tirelessly perfected detailing, the finest firearms available are born.

MC5 Carbine

Whether you’re breaking into the action of customizable modern weaponry or building something for a new calling, the MC5 has the means to smash any barrier. This carbine has a sleek, comfortable contour that can be constructed with three different calibers, two barrel profiles, two rail lengths, an upgradable trigger, and more. Six enticing cerakote patterns are offered at no extra cost, so you can select a design that completes your outfit.

MC6 Carbine

This Modern Carbine raises the bar on power and opportunity. The possibilities with the MC6 are expanded to accommodate advanced customizations and further options for cerakote and camouflage layouts. Lighter weight, minimized heat transfer, and higher accuracy than a traditional rifle set this carbine above the herd.

MC7 Long Range Carbine

For those taking it the extra mile, a long-range capable rifle is a necessity. With a delicate balance between power and stunningly light body, the MC7 is the ultimate weapon for the modern age marksman. Tailored optics and barrels support the Modern Carbine foundation to create an outstanding piece of equipment.

MR1 Bolt Action

When creating a state-of-the-art action rifle, the components that match simplicity with elegance define its character. Steel action rifles are clunky, heavy, and uninspired. The titanium MR1 Bolt Action is consistently hand-crafted by a single gunsmith. Composed in an aesthetic and flawless design, it’s compatible with a variety of scopes, suppressors, and stocks/chassis. Adjustable jewel triggers allow you to find the right finesse for your shooting. Maintenance and modification are a cinch, making performance the most enjoyable experience possible.

Custom Glocks Shop

Fans of Glocks can demonstrate their enthusiasm with our immaculately designed custom Glocks. We don’t alter any components of the original in terms of performance or functionality, and each one is true to the original factory manufacturing. Fuel your passion for a custom sidearm design on the frame and slide, all furnished with quality cerakote.