Revolutionizing the Firearm Buying Process


There are a lot of benefits to fitting your firearm with a silencer. The sound produced is much more manageable, won’t raise hell with the neighbors, and may increase your accuracy. It may seem like a difficult process and an ugly stack of paperwork, but that is not the case here in the 21st century! The digital age is full of marvels.

Since 2016, taking care of ATF paperwork has been streamlined so that buying silencers in Dallas, Texas is as easy as self-checkout at the grocery. With our onsite SID kiosk, your fingerprint and signature are all it takes to put together all the necessary documents. We’re putting to bed the myth that obtaining a suppressor means navigating complicated and confusing hurdles. It’s really a snap.

Modern Outfitters is a distinguished firearms dealer in Dallas that has joined forces with Silencer Shop to make the SID kiosk a reality. It’s a hassle-free process that only needs to be done once, as we securely store information for all your future purchases. The print scan is smart and straightforward, eliminating the need to schedule an appointment and recognizing readable scans to prevent rejected prints. And best of all, it only takes minutes to complete!

Filling out form 4’s for sales in your inventory will allow you to order online from Silencer Shop and have it shipped to your local gun shop in Dallas. At $25 for any form 4, that includes SBS, SBR, machine guns, and more. Once you select and purchase the suppressor you want, just download the Silencer Shop app on your smartphone and receive your registration code. Then, you’re ready to roll with our kiosk. Fill out the prompted information, complete your scan, and take your photo with your phone through the same app, and you’re done! We’re even preparing an app to enable you to take photos for your passport. How cool is that?

This system is capable of so much, and we’re just beginning to explore the possibilities. Soon you will be able to process form 1’s for customers, and we may enable its use for local handgun licensing. You can also add fingerprint scans to your transfer anytime during hours at any location with a Silencer Shop kiosk. Dealers may charge up to $40 per person as long as they aren’t a Powered by Customer.

For any enthusiast of modern guns in Dallas, picking up a silencer can change your shooting experience for the better. There are so many models available for each of six main categories; the hardest part is going to be deciding which ones to get!

Please read below for FAQ's about the new SID kiosk and how this will help expedite your purchasing process at Modern Outfitters.

How does the SID Kiosk work?

This kiosk will allow the customer to scan his/her fingerprints and signature so that we can complete all ATF paperwork. This system is fully secure and compliant with the ATF. None of the data is stored locally and we have highly secure servers for data integrity.


The Process

  • Customers and Trustees have to scan their finger prints one time and will be kept on file for future purchases
  • Software will automatically determine if the finger print scan is clear enough and done right, greatly reducing rejected fingerprint cards
  • Customers will not have to make appointments with local Sheriff department for prints
  • We handle all the ATF paperwork

Sound too easy?

Of course it is - that’s what Silencer Shop is all about! Now we can handle all of your paperwork in-store in a matter of minutes. Come see us and we'll walk you through the process.

Can I use this for Silencer Shop to process transfers from my inventory?

Yes! You have the option to use Silencer Shop to process form 4s for sales from your inventory, any manufacturer, and use the kiosk, for $25 per Form 4.

Can I use your service for SBR, SBS, Machine Gun, etc.?

Yes! Any Form 4.

Can I use this to process my own Form 4s?

You can process Form 4s for sales from your inventory, and use the kiosk, easily by using your dealer portal and uploading your serial numbers and assigning them to customers.  Normal processing fee applies. You will not be able to print the fingerprint cards on location or access the customers fingerprints from the system.

Can I print the fingerprint cards from the machine?

There is no printing capability from the kiosks. The fingerprints are digitally stored by Silencer Shop and we will print the cards here.

Can I use this to process Form 1s for my customers?

We will have this service available as well. It is not available yet, but it will be soon. We have lots of future plans for how to use this system.

Can I use this for handgun licensing or other services locally?

At this time we are not able to support any other fingerprinting services, but maybe in the future.

Will Silencer Shop securely store fingerprints for future use?

Yes! Once in the system the customers will be able to make future purchases without having to rescan their fingerprints every time. This is the case for orders via trust, corporation or individual.

Will the kiosk be capable of taking fingerprints for people on the same transfer but at different times or locations?

Yes. Responsible parties will be able to go to any Silencer Shop kiosk and scan their fingerprints in at any time it is available. Dealers can charge up to $40 per person ONLY when the person getting scanned is not a Powered by customer of theirs.

Will the kiosk also be capable of taking passport photos?

We are developing an app Android and iPhone that will allow customers to take selfies which will serve this purpose.