Modern Shooting With Modern Outfitters

For the complete experience featuring modern weaponry, Modern Outfitters boasts top-of-the-line ranges and extensive training and hunting packages. Discover the thrill of some of the newest and most powerful equipment both indoor and outdoor settings. With flexible options for varying price brackets, we get you into the action with the best bang for your buck.



Put the newest modern guns to the test on our private ranges and ranches. No third-party outfitters here, so skip the middleman and get the most out of your excursion. Whether you’re planning for a celebration, fun outing with clients, or simply want to break out some modern weapons, we’ll help organize the details allowing you to live in the moment. Beginners and experts alike can find a hunt that fits their experience level here. All packages include meals, lodging, and trophy processing so you can take home a token from a great memory. Up to 15 guests can comfortably sleep in the overnight housing to recharge for the next hunt. We have a diversity of game including predators, blackbuck, Aoudad, whitetail deer, wild hogs, and more.


Hone your skills with carbines, custom Glocks, and other modern weapons at our facilities. Tactical shooting is at its best with inclusive features at our outdoor facilities in Tilden, TX, and Meridian, MS. Try your aim at our 1,000-yard range with steel at every 100 yards in addition to dispersed unknown steel distances. Classes are led by excellent instructors to help you master your modern carbine and wield like a pro. Trainings offer discounted rates for lunchtime specials as well as unlimited range access for yearly members. Take it up a notch with a private helicopter for hunting or training, or get into the action with vehicle interdiction scenarios and take shots at real vehicles.


Indoor Range

At our Meridian, MS, location, we sport 10 indoor lanes for handgun or rifle training at a range of up to 25 yards. Private sound paneling booths and air purification systems give you the most comfort so you can better train your focus. For a bigger adrenaline rush, you can also rent machine guns or anything else from our selection of 60 rental firearms. If you’re looking to buy one of our factory-new modern weapons, we encourage you to try out the rental equivalent on the range. Custom Glocks for personal defense are for sale, as well as rifles and modern carbines. All styles and ages of hobbyists are supported here; accompanied kids have an opportunity to learn safety and handling, competition shooters can sharpen their skills, and newcomers can explore their passion for new and modern weaponry.