There is nothing quite like the thrill of hunting game on the natural terrain and feeling the adrenaline of shooting at a moving target. Modern Outfitters is your gun shop in Dallas providing Modern Guns and offering a variety of hunts that cater to your interest and your budget. Privately owned ranches are available to ensure you get the best hunting experience and walk home with professionally processed trophies and memories to last.

Hunts provide inclusive lodging, meals, and amenities to keep you rested and fueled with as much time and energy to focus on the reason you’re out here. You’ll be impressed with our Modern Carbine every time you pull the trigger, and with the lightweight, durable, and accurate design, you’re sure to take home some superb trophies.

If you’re itching to warm up your modern rifle and hear the call of the wild, get in on the action of a fair chase hunt for Addax in West Texas. You’ll expect to see 30-40 Addax in a single day, giving you plenty of opportunities to get some target practice. This hunt is year round and can be combined with aoudad hunts, including trophy bucks with excellent breeding and awesome stature.

Texas trophy whitetail deer hunts are ideal for planning a trip under time constraints and when controlled environments are ideal for higher success rates. With over 6,000 acres of beautiful landscape including grassy meadows and massive oak and cedar covered ridges, the scenery is easy on the eyes and strategic for a productive hunt. Built-in ground blinds, tower blinds, and under appropriate conditions hunt and stalks will satisfy your excitement.

Axis deer hunts in Sutton County offer guided hunts on open ranges for axis deer, whitetail deer, blackbuck antelope, wild hogs, and

Rio Grande turkey. Super trophy animals such as fallow, red stag, ram, and more are available under high fence areas of the ranch.

Modern Outfitters is the right firearms dealer in Dallas for all preparations you need for your next hunt. Whether you’re buying guns, training, or hunting, we go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied with the highest end products that won’t let you down.

All hunting packages include meals, lodging, and trophy processing.
Transportation by private plane or helicopter can be arranged for additional cost upon request.

Please contact our staff or reach Andrew directly by email for pricing and details

Small Arms

Modern Outfitters provides and/or builds custom small arms for Military and Law enforcement application. Specializing in assault rifle and carbine platforms.  Commemorative unit weapons,  custom finishes, optics, triggers, visible/IR spectrum lasers, accessories and parts are also a major part of our operation. Please contact Eric Stubbs or Jon Debord for more information about our facilities and capabilities for your personnel.

Modern Outfitters Outdoor Training Facility in Tilden, TX

Our facilities in Tilden, TX offer great ranges and accommodations for anyone looking to attend one of our hunts or training classes.  Tilden has a 1000 yard range with steel every 100 yards as well a unknown distance steel throughout.  For aerial operations we have vehicle interdiction scenarios and multiple vehicles to shoot from as well as shoot at.  Helicopters are available upon request for hunting or training purposes.  Our housing will comfortably sleep 15 quests. Available game for hunting include predators, black buck, aoudad, axis deer, whitetail deer, wild hogs, and more.  Please contact us to book your trip for training, business or vacation.

Indoor Range

Our indoor shooting range has 10 lanes for shooting handguns and rifles up to 25 yards.  We also have over 60 Rental guns from Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles And MACHINE GUNS !

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