Checklist of Things to Remember for your Next Hunting Trip

Gearing up for a hunting trip involves a lot of planning and pre-organization. We here at Modern Outfitters in Dallas, TX have just about everything you need, and we have decided to compile a list of some useful items to pack along with you on your next or first hunting trip.

Harness or Safety Vest

A reflective orange hunting vest is always a good idea to wear in the woods as it signals to other hunters that you are not a moving animal and shouldn’t be shot at! A harness is a necessity when hunting from an elevated stand as it provides safety for the hunter.

Wind Checker

Always remember your wind checker, it helps to track wind speed that can affect your shot.

Small Set of Tools

A small set of tools specific to your gear is always a crucial part of any hunting trip. An Allen-wrench or any specific tools needed to make adjustments on the fly to any of your weapons or gear is a handy item to include in your pack.

Rangefinder and extra batteries

Determining the range of your shot is a lot easier using a rangefinder, and make sure to pack extra batteries because they always tend to run out at the worst time.

Sharp Knife

A sharp knife is a vital tool in any hunter’s gear pack. A foldable or fixed blade gives the ability to cut things on the fly and should never be forgotten.


In addition to your rangefinder and wind checker, a quality set of binoculars will help you spot your target from afar.


Make sure to use an animal call you are familiar with and have practiced on. Using an untested call in the field is a sure way to shoot nothing at the end of the day.

Battery Backup

A smartphone has become a valuable tool in any hunter’s arsenal, and as such carrying a small backup battery pack is a good idea to make sure your device has power when you need it.

Your Rifle and Ammo

Last but not least, any hunting trip would be impossible without a quality rifle and ammunition. We here at Modern Outfitters recommend our MR1 bolt-action rifle platform. Chambered in .308, we feel it is the best hunting rifle available on the market. Machined for enhanced accuracy and the tightest tolerances; the MR1 rifle’s titanium action is 47% lighter than comparable steel versions weighing only 8 ounces! All of our MR1 rifles are hand built in the USA and have unique features we are incredibly proud of such as a mini m16 style extractor that is easily serviceable in the field. With a multitude of options and fully custom builds, the MR1 is the premier choice for the serious hunter.

Come on in Modern Outfitters in Dallas today for all of your hunting needs!

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