Modern Weapons Series Pistols

The Custom Shop at Modern Outfitters offers a wide variety of services and custom firearms.  Our Modern Weapons Glocks are among the most popular.  We primarily focus on the Glock 19 and Glock 43 as they are the most requested.  Other limited production runs in the G17, G42, G22 and G23 are also available periodically.

All MW Glocks start out as a 100% factory Glock pistol and no internal parts are altered due to safety and reliability concerns.  

At the customer’s request, any aftermarket parts such as triggers, sights, barrels, springs can be included as well as installed. 

We offer custom slide machining in one of our available patterns and these are done in batches on limited runs. 

Stippling comes standard on most MW pistols and can be enhanced or changed upon request. 

Optic mounts and machining for RMR cutouts can be arranged but will add a significant lead time to production. 

We do not currently take in outside Glocks for customization.  

Our MW Glock series pistols are available at our retail locations with no wait time as well as available online when in stock.