Weapon Manufacturing Power-House

We manufacture, machine, coat, and assemble in-house.

  • All of our barrels are made of 4150 chrome moly vanadium steel and are each button-rifled, air gauged and have a Melonite finish.

  • Our barrel profiles were designed with harmonics in mind.  Our dimple, hex, and spiral fluted barrels reduce weight and dissipate heat. We offer a variety of barrel lengths and include premium muzzle devices.

  • Every component of our rifles exceeds Mil-Spec requirements.

  • Life expectancy is 15-20k rounds depending on use.  Our gas ports are designed for our weapon systems.  We minimize gas port diameter to reduce blowback and improve service life of the rifle. We have found that button rifling gives us greater accuracy and more consistent results than the cold hammered forging process.

  • Every aspect of our rifles is geared towards reducing weight while reducing felt recoil and maximizing accuracy and reliability.

  • We use a low profile, Melonite coated gas block.

  • Our proprietary barrel nut is aluminum and self-contained.  This improves accuracy because the barrel nut is not in contact with the rail system.

  • Our dust cover is a billet one-piece design that is 1/3 the weight of a Mil-Spec dust cover.  We also use a carbon fiber dust cover rod to shave ounces. Every ounce counts.

  • Our enhanced bolt carrier group exceeds Mil-Spec requirements.  It is magnetic particle tested for integrity and the entire system is Melonite coated, making carbon residue much to clean.

  • Our coating is far superior to nickel boron coating used by competitors.  Rear travel for the bolt carrier is enlarged so that it fits precisely into the buffer tube.  This ensures it locks into battery consistently and tightly every time to enhance accuracy.

  • Our end plates use a self-locking castle nut system.  They are ambidextrous with an integrated sling mount.

  • Our buffers are designed specifically for suppressed shooting.  They have a staggered disk system to reduce bolt speed. reducing recoil. The buffer tube is designed to port gas and shed debris through the rear of the rifle instead of in your face.

  • We use an ambidextrous 7075 aluminum charging handle with an integrated bleed-off port in the rear to help move excess gas away from the shooter’s face.  Over-sized handles are optimized for use with optics or gloves.

  • Our triggers are single stage, tin coated, single piece, match grade set at 3.5 lbs.

  • Our safety is ambidextrous and the trigger guard is oversized for use with gloves.

  • We have a wire EDM magwell with enhanced bevel for smoother reloading of magazines.

  • The entire weapon system is milled to reduce weight at every opportunity.

  • Our rifles are M-LOK compatible.

home-rifle-1Every component of our rifles is designed and manufactured to work in harmony to decrease weight and improve accuracy. Our rifles are proudly made in the U.S.A. and backed by a life time warranty.