Law Enforcement and Para-Military Organizations

Modern Outfitters specializes in custom small arms, body armor,  electronics and accessories.  Our company is known for attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.  No mission is too small or large for our team's logistical capabilities. 

SAM Reg / CAGE Code : 6XEPO

Small Arms

Modern Outfitters provides and/or builds custom small arms for Military and Law enforcement application. Specializing in assault rifle and carbine platforms.  Commemorative unit weapons,  custom finishes, optics, triggers, visible/IR spectrum lasers, accessories and parts are also a major part of our operation. Please contact Eric Stubbs or Jon Debord for more information about our facilities and capabilities for your personnel.

Optics / Lights / Lasers

Optics for both individual use as well as weapon-mountable systems for enhanced vision and low-light scenarios. Also included but not limited to are devises used to enhance vision by infrared spectrum receivers such as NOD/NVG for night-vision, IR Lasers for stealth target acquisition and thermal imaging. Personal and weapon-mountable lights, both visible white light and IR light. Thermal Imaging devices for vehicles, personnel and handheld use as well as other electronic devices are also available including traditional magnified optics.